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MVP2 Award Applications

Apologies for cross-postings.  Deb Jacobson

Please pass this message on to others.
May 20 is the deadline for applications for this year's Most Valuable P2 Awards.  If you have an outstanding program or project that you think is deserving of national recognition, please apply.  Also, if you implement a state or local P2 recognition program, this would be a great opportunity to get more awareness for a past winner. Or, if you have published a document that you feel is worthy of an honor, submit that as well.  Finally, if you know of someone who is a P2 champion or has been an outstanding volunteer to NPPR, consider nominating them.  Further information is on the NPPR website at www.p2.org.


Jeffrey J. Burke
Executive Director
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
11 DuPont Circle, NW,  Suite 201
Washington, DC  20036

PH: (202) 299-9701
FX: (202) 299-9704

Debra Jacobson
Executive Director
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR)
A proud member of the P2Rx network of regional centers.
c/o  WMRC - IDNR
1010 Jorie Blvd, Suite 12
Oakbrook, IL  60523
630/472-5023 Fax