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P2 tech assistance

Hi P2Tech,

We have received a request for a training and technical assistance person to team with our policy expert in India for about one month of work.  Is anyone out there either interested or able to suggest a few names?  Here are a few more specifics...

... looking for a person with thorough shopfloor knowledge of dirty factories and the tricks
required to make them cleaner. Technically, we'd like to focus on:
1. Solvent use in chemical/pharma industries
2. Metals industries (steel rolling mills, zinc smelters) etc.
Specifically they are looking for help in training workshops, and expect the project to take 20 days in India -- in three locations

Janet Clark
Associate Director
Toxics Use Reduction Institute,  University of Massachusetts
One University Ave,     Lowell, MA 0`854-2866
Tel 978-934-3346,                                      Fax 978-934-3050

Adjusted for production, TURA filers have decreased their toxic chemical use by 45% and
are generating 69% less byproducts. During this same eleven years,  core TURA filers reported
an overall 45% increase in production!