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Fw: Autobody toxics in San Diego

Dear All --
Please read the request below and if you have some guidance on this
issue, please include Tony LoPresti in your response.

Thank you.

Mary Cushmac
EPA Design for the Environment Program
USEPA, Washington DC

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                                      RE: Autobody toxics in San Diego  

Absolutely, Mary, go ahead and pass it along to anyone that you think
might have some ideas to share...

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Tony -

Thank you for your message.  You raise a very significant issue
regarding the location of this type of industry in a residential area.
If it's ok to share your e-mail with some of my colleagues, I may be
able to get some information for you.  Also, there is a very active
Pollution Prevention list serve that may be able to provide some
information if it's ok to forward your message.

Mary Cushmac
EPA Design for the Environment Program
5326E - EPA East - Mail Code 7406M
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460
Phone (202)564-8803; Fax (202) 564-0884

             Tony LoPresti
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                                      Mary Cushmac/DC/USEPA/US@EPA
             05/05/2005 02:19                                        cc
                                      Autobody toxics in San Diego

Hello Mary,
I write from National City, a small city in San Diego county that has
intense mixed use autobody/residential issues.  I work as a policy
advocate with an environmental justice org that works in several border
communities. In the neighborhood where I work in National City, there
are 30 body shops peppering a neighborhood of just 200 houses.  Asthma
levels are 3X the average rate in the county, and have gone up 400% in
the last two years at the neighborhood schools.  We have been plying a
number of strategies both to mitigate toxic releases, and to pursue
relocation.  Recently we have got some traction at City Council on the
idea of constructing an industrial park on city surplus land in an
industrial area.  This industrial park would be designated for
relocation of existing autobody shops in our neighborhood.
Councilmembers have asked us to do two things: one, identify precedents,
and two, articulate a financial case, i.e. show that it can pencil out.
Is there any chance that you have any knowledge of a case where an
industrial park has been constructed to attract toxic polluters that are
cited in residential neighborhoods.  If so, could you let me know where
to learn more, and/or who to contact that worked on the case?

Thanks much for you help,

Tony LoPresti
Policy Advocate
Environmental Health Coalition
401 Mile of Cars Way
National City, CA  91950
w) 619.474.0220 x126     c) 831.246.3780

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