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Deb beat me to the punch, but OUR survey has a special prize....

P2TECH-ies -- 

As my friend and colleague Deb Jacobson so graciously pointed out, the Compliance Assistance Centers are indeed conducting  their annual online user surveys.   This includes the center that I manage, ChemAlliance (www.chemalliance.org), which has served as a focal point for chemical industry environmental assistance for nearly a decade. 

The site has taken us nearly 10 years to bring to this point, but the survey should take only 5 minutes to complete.  Seems like a pretty good trade-off.  So please take a few minutes and tell us how we are doing.  We will be conducting a drawing at the end of the survey period and awarding a $100 Gift Certificate from Amazon.com to some lucky participant!   

You can take the survey by following THIS link -->  http://www.assistancecenters.net/schem/index.cfm

Perhaps even better (perhaps?  no, CERTAINLY better!), ChemAlliance will once again offer a special BONUS incentive for survey participants:  anyone completing the survey can print out their  "Thank You " page and redeem it at any time* for a free guided fishing/birdwatching trip down the scenic Yakima River (pictured below).  Of course, you must provide the transportation to the town of Yakima, Washington -- but I will do the rest, including rowing the boat.


This is a serious offer, by the way -- one that several members of the P2 Community have already availed themselves of -- but the real reason to provide your feedback is that the information we we obtain from these surveys is critical to our ability to understand our users, and to document to EPA and others the impact that our Centers are having on improving environmental compliance and preventing pollution. 

Whether or not you take the survey, there's another reason to visit ChemAlliance if you haven't done so very recently:  we have updated the Virtual Plant Tour, a centerpiece for the site.  We've added and updated regulatory and case study content, and added improved navigation features to make it easier to search the 400+ pollution prevention case studies dealing with the chemical industry.  

I hope you'll take a moment to complete the survey.  And I look forward to some of you taking me up on the special incentive offer.  

Scott Butner (scott.butner@pnl.gov)
Director, ChemAlliance

*  OK, time for the fine print:  river trips are provided as a personal courtesy of the author, and are not officially sponsored by ChemAlliance, the US EPA, Pacific Northwest National Lab or Battelle Memorial Institute.  Trips can be scheduled at any time during the calendar year, but are subject to my availability, mood, and workload.  However, on the theory that a bad day fishing is still a day spent fishing, that restriction is generally not a problem.  

Those who wish to check view additional pictures of the river in question (including pictures of selected P2 V.I.P.s enjoying the river) may visit my personal web site, at  http://webpages.charter.net/lstephens6592/index.htm


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