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Consumption: Special issue of Journal of Industrial Ecology

Dear P2Tech colleagues,
The Journal of Industrial Ecology has recently published a special issue on Consumption and Industrial Ecology.  The entire special issue is available on the web at < http://mitpress.mit.edu/JIE/consumption> at no charge.  The Journal of Industrial Ecology is a peer-reviewed international quarterly published by MIT Press, owned by Yale University, and headquartered at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

This issue breaks new ground in providing systematic and quantitative assessments of the impact of consumption--what we buy and what we use--on the environment.  The articles in the special issue address the relationship between consumption and as well as the environmental impact of consumption at the household, city, and national levels in countries around the world.

Support for the special issue was provided by the Garfield Foundation and the United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology, Industry, and Economics.

[please excuse any cross-postings, but do forward this announcement to others that might be interested]

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