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P2 performance-based contracting?

Hello, this is not a real tech question but this listserv has no doubt the best possible people to answer it.


The P2 Resource Center in Seattle is “in the early stages of planning a proposed P2 Performance Contracts Roundtable. We want to organize and facilitate a roundtable meeting for P2 consultants, government agencies, businesses and other stakeholders to discuss the concept of Performance Contracting for P2 services (similar in structure to the Energy Services Performance Contracts available through the Oregon Department of Energy).”


This topic has bounced around for years, and it is not clear whether this business model has ever worked, I don’t know of examples myself.


So:  Does anyone know of successful examples of P2 TA contracting where the consultants got paid based on the savings achieved?  I supposed it could be on anything EXCEPT energy, since that model is now known.  So water, wastes, materials, etc. would be included. 


Also, what type of organizations would you invite to talk about this?  I have suggested lean mftg and TQM consultants, plus big service users like housing authorities or large companies.


If you have any suggestions please respond to the list, since it might stimulate others.  Us P2 types up here in Seattle are P2Tech junkies.


Thanks for your help, PPRC will post the results of their roundtable after it is complete.


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