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Carpet Cleaning and Water Conservation

I received this question via the GLRPPR Help Desk. I've been unable to locate the statistical information she's looking for. I'm hoping one (or more) of you will be able to assist.

When responding, please make sure to copy dlema@hostdry.com on your reply. She's not subscribed to the list.

Thanks in advance!

Laura B.

First Name:             Deborah
Last Name:                      Lema
Occupation                      Business/Industry
State:                          WI
E-mail:                         dlema@hostdry.com
Phone:                          262-637-4491
Subject or Topic:       Carpet Cleaning and Water Conservation

I've been trying to compile information about how much water is used on average for wet carpet cleaning in facilities. I know that with the HOST dry carpet cleaning method, 97% less water is used compared to a typical high-flow wet extraction machine, but there are so many other wet extraction methods with unpublished water usage numbers that I'm having a hard time nailing down how much water can be saved by switching to a dry carpet cleaning method. Besides laundry, I know that carpet cleaning typically is one of the biggest water users in facility cleaning, so I think that a significant savings could be found here. Any ideas? Know of any studies? Thanks in advance for any help!
Where have you already looked: These sites simply suggest switching to dry, but aren't specific:
* Maryland Department of the Environment
* Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
* Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
* Conrad Hilton College, University of Houston
* Partners for a Clean Environment (Boulder, CO)
* Association of Manitoba Utilities
* American Hotel and Lodging Association
* Southwest Florida Water Management District
* Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District
* New Mexico Office of the State Engineer and Interstate Stream Commission
* City of Greeley, CO
* City of Bremerton, WA
* City of Tampa, FL
* Santa Barbara County
* North Carolina Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
* Water Corporation, Australia
* Commercial Water Efficiency Guide, EPCOR
* Portland Water Bureau

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