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Re: P2 for diesel engines?

Glad to see more action on diesel emissions--I am a 20 year P2 veteran who 
moved to the diesel world over a year ago. We need all the good minds we 
can get, since diesel emissions cause more health problems than any issue I 
have ever seen in the environmental world. If you all decide that P2Rx is 
the direction to go, I can supply lots of information. Much of what we do 
in diesel world is classic P2 behavior change (no, you don't really need to 
leave your engine idling now that we have electronic ignition engines), but 
much of it is classic emission control (catalytic converters for diesel 
engines). Of course, you can check out our website, www.StopTheSoot.org, 
which has several links. Welcome,

Melinda Dower
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Diesel Risk Reduction Team
P.O. Box 423
Trenton, N.J. 08625-0423
(609) 292-1122
fax (609) 777-1330

 >>> "Burton Hamner" <wbhamner@cleanerproduction.com> 10/4/05 8:59 PM
Howdy Techsters.  Our Port of Seattle and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency,
a lot of others, are trying hard to reduce diesel engine emissions.
Wiley at PPRC and I think diesel engines would be a great P2RX topic
because they are so ubiquitous, and the range of options (refuel,
replace etc) are numerous.  Just right for a hub on P2RX.  I have not
anything similar yet.

So,  are any of you P2 professionals doing something similar, preparing
**P2** web resource list for diesel engines, in whatever application?
do you think of it for a P2RX hub?  I noted that re ports and diesel
engines, P2RX already has hubs for shipbuilding and repair, and

A lot of money has been authorized for this but they call it
reduction", not P2.  Some dialogue is needed!

I don't intend to jump the gun on the P2RX coordinating team by any
but we have some momentum here in meetings and RFPs for this are out
December so we need to prep.  We hope you can share relevant info.  If
it is
an existing project of interest to all you can reply to the list, or
just to
me if it is maybe more specific.  Thanks!

Burton Hamner

Director, Cleaner Production International

Producer, http://www.CleanerProduction.Com

5534 30th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 91805


(206) 526-5308

mobile (206) 491-0945

fax (206) 260-9001


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