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Re: P2 for diesel engines?

Another Pollution Prevention related approach for diesel engines are efforts to reduce the proportion of unburned fuel in the engine's exhaust such as:
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Subject: RE: P2 for diesel engines?

Burt and other P2Techers?


A diesel topic hub sounds good?for both stationary and mobile applications.  A lot of what?s going on isn?t P2 but some is, including anti-idling approaches, engine modifications (e.g., exhaust gas recirculation), and cleaner fuels. (BTW, keep in mind that biodiesel offers some emissions advantages but NOx may go up.) 


A few links for those interested follow--


http://www.dieselmidatlantic.org/diesel/index.htm The Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative is a partnership between leaders from federal, state, and local government, the private sector, and environmental groups in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.   The Collaborative is part of an overall national campaign to reduce diesel emissions.


http://www.westcoastcollaborative.org/ The West Coast Collaborative is a public-private partnership working to reduce air pollution emissions from diesel sources along the West Coast. The Collaborative is part of an overall national campaign, EPA's National Clean Diesel Campaign to reduce diesel emissions.




http://www.epa.gov/cleandiesel/ EPA National Clean Diesel Campaign


http://www.epa.gov/SmartwayLogistics/idling.htm Idling Reduction: National Transportation Idle-Free Corridors


California Air Resources Board: Diesel Emission Control Verifications  http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/verdev/verdev.htm program verifies the performance of emissions control technologies for both mobile and stationary source diesel engines. The program also addresses alternate diesel fuels. The site is useful for those looking for clean diesel options as well as technology developers seeking verification of their technologies' performance.


Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program--Verified Technology List (EPA)  http://www.epa.gov/otaq/retrofit/retroverifiedlist.htm introduces verified technologies to the market while providing customers with confidence that verified technologies will provide emission reductions as advertised. The verifications evaluate emissions reduction performance, including durability, and identifies required engine operating criteria and conditions. Those interested in having their technologies verified should click here for more information.







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Subject: P2 for diesel engines?


Howdy Techsters.  Our Port of Seattle and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and a lot of others, are trying hard to reduce diesel engine emissions.  Chris Wiley at PPRC and I think diesel engines would be a great P2RX topic hub because they are so ubiquitous, and the range of options (refuel, refit, replace etc) are numerous.  Just right for a hub on P2RX.  I have not found anything similar yet.


So,  are any of you P2 professionals doing something similar, preparing a **P2** web resource list for diesel engines, in whatever application?   What do you think of it for a P2RX hub?  I noted that re ports and diesel engines, P2RX already has hubs for shipbuilding and repair, and marinas.


A lot of money has been authorized for this but they call it ?emissions reduction?, not P2.  Some dialogue is needed!


I don?t intend to jump the gun on the P2RX coordinating team by any means, but we have some momentum here in meetings and RFPs for this are out in December so we need to prep.  We hope you can share relevant info.  If it is an existing project of interest to all you can reply to the list, or just to me if it is maybe more specific.  Thanks!


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