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FW: Call for proposals: Innovative Use of Information Technologies in Delivering Technical Assistance

Title: FW: Call for proposals: Innovative Use of Information Technologies in Delivering Technical Assistance

At the risk of getting a serious and well-deserved yelling-at by Jean (she knows why) for even showing my head above water this week, I thought I still ought to send this CFP out to my P2Rx buddies before very long.

This has already elicited several interesting paper proposals from (mostly) for-profit firms.  Would be good to have some P2Rx representation.

My expectation is that we will have enough paper suggestions to propose a full day (2-3 sessions) track on IT and Technical Assistance.


Jean/Beth -- I'll TRY to finish up this weekend.  Really.  Seriously.
From:   Butner, R Scott 
Sent:   Tuesday, October 18, 2005 3:17 PM
To:     p2tech@great-lakes.net
Cc:     Butner, R Scott
Subject:        Call for proposals:  Innovative Use of Information Technologies in Delivering Technical Assistance

Dear P2Tech-ies
The organizers of the National Environmental Partnership Summit (the meeting formerly known as the NPPR Spring Meeting) have begun to look for proposals for papers and sessions for the meeting (which will be held in Atlanta, GA on May 8-11, 2006).

Alas, the selection process appears to give priority to fully formed sessions, rather than providing session topics and soliciting individual papers. 

Of course, those are just the *rules*.  Rules aren't very important -- after all, you don't even have to like 'em to know how to play by them.   <grin>

So -- in hopes of finding others who may share an interest in the intersection between P2 and Information Technologies, I have developed the following "strawman" session description and would like to invite anyone who might be interested in presenting a paper on this topic to contact me.  If I can demonstrate sufficient interest (as evidenced by a collection of interesting papers, or at least interesting authors) we can then jointly submit the session proposal to the conference organizers.

"Innovative Use of Informationies in  Delivering Technical Assistance"
Session Description: Marshall McLuhan once famously exclaimed that "the medium is the message," meaning that the way in which we convey information has important, sometimes profound implications for how that message is received. Yet, all too often, we tend to approach electronic means of communications as merely a more flexible form of paper, ignoring the interactivity and interconnectedness that make these tools unique.

This session will showcase innovative uses of information technology tools to help promote regulatory compliance and pollution prevention. We will look at creative uses of software and online content which adds value to the information, rather than merely serving as a form of "electronic printing."  We are particularly interested in web tools which promote online collaboration, or draw upon the power of online communities to add value to information. Weblogs ("blogs"), online journals, "wikis," and similar tools are being used to bring together people with similar interests and goals and facilitate the online collaboration on projects.

The deadline for submissions to the Summit is November 18, 2005.  Consequently I'd like to get any feedback you might have regarding this proposed session prior to November 11, to allow some time to negotiate any details amongst those interested.

If you are interested in the broader call for proposals, you can find info at this URL:  http://www.environmentalsummit.org/CallBackground.cfm

Scott Butner
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