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FW: Asst. Director Position open at KY P2 Center


>>> "Mary R Watson" <mwatson@louisville.edu> 10/24/2005 2:12:07 PM >>>

We are requesting that you circulate the attached ad for an Assistant
Director position at the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center at the
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY  40292. 
Assistant Director, KPPC*
Req.# 14855
Posted: 10/23/2005 to 10/29/2005 

This is a managerial position responsible for developing, marketing,
and evaluation of technical assistance programs of the Kentucky
Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC). This position will provide direction
and guidance to self-directed teams responsible for technical assistance
programs and administrative services of the center to ensure programs
efficiently and effectively provide high quality and innovative services
while staying within budgetary limits. The position will assist units
with developing and monitoring performance metrics in order to meet
center goals and document accomplishments as well as areas of
improvement. This position will coordinate activities of the pollution
prevention applied research for the center in order to provide service
or information to stakeholders. In addition, this position is
responsible for the preparation and submission of center grant and
budget funding proposals and requests. This position will help establish
and implement center policies and procedures, conferring with board
members, Executive Director, and staff as necessary. This position
regularly exercises discretion and independent judgment in the
performance of duties and reports to the centers Executive Director.
Requires a Master's degree and six years of related experience working
in an environmental, engineering, or similar technical assistance
program with a thorough knowledge of pollution prevention. Additional
experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational
requirements. Candidate must have proven knowledge of principles
involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, and coordination of
people and resources. Candidate must have skills and knowledge of
principles and processes for providing outstanding customer service that
includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for
services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Salary commensurate
with experience. Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center Grade EG () 
Submit your application during the specified job posting period using
our Online Application form. You may attach your resume to the online
application. If you experience difficulties attaching your resume to the
online application please submit your completed online application and
then email your resume to employ@ louisville.edu. If emailing your
resume, please include the title of the position and the job requisition
number in the email subject line. One application should be submitted
for each position for which you are applying.  
Mary Watson, UBM
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center
JB Speed School of Engineering
420 Lutz Hall, University of Louisville
Louisville, KY  40292
(502) 852-1565

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