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RE: P2 for Emergency Responders

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I should add to the previous email about our work on merging P2 and emergency response that we then went out and talked to the SERC and to some active LEPCs.  Some of the LEPCs were just great.  For example, in Springfield, MA, there had been a chlorine incident and the city had established a full-time emergency coordinator (Jim Controvich) who had regular meetings with about twenty or thirty reps of chemical-using facilities.  That was a ready-made audience, primed for the information.
Another good example was Woburn, MA, also famous for pollution.  There, we had a meeting where everyone who filed a tier 2 (EPCRA 311/312) report was invited - to come to the local police station.  People respond when they're invited by the police.  They pay attention when it's a cop introducing you.  Then you can talk about assistance and get them to relax. 
Keep us posted on what you do, Kevin!  Linking to the emergency responders has a lot of potential.