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Re: snowey roads maintenance alternatives

I know nothing about the beer sludge, but would suggest that snow plows
and other equipment not be allowed to idle past 5 minutes or more than
necessary to keep the windshield clear.

Melinda Dower
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
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>>> Janet Clark <clarkjan@turi.org> 10/28/05 10:27 AM >>>
Hi P2Tech,

Here is a question...

...looking for contract language and specs for environmentally friendly

snow plowing.  I've heard there are good reports on the Sam Adams beer

sludge alternative and am looking for ratios of sand to salt
(calcium chloride or whatever).  Any help will be appreciated.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Janet Clark
Senior Associate Director
Toxics Use Reduction Institute,  University of Massachusetts
One University Ave,     Lowell, MA 0`854-2866
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Adjusted for production, TURA filers have decreased their toxic
use by 45% and
are generating 69% less byproducts. During this same eleven years, 
TURA filers reported
an overall 45% increase in production!
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