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Re: cooling tower blowdown discharges to septic?

Linda - I didn't see any replies to your inquiry so here goes. 

Here in the US ANY industrial waste water is generally prohibited to be discharged into a septic system.  ONLY sanitary waste waters.  The local health departments regulate this. 

I once tried to work with a county health department to discharge compressor condensate that had been run through an oil water separator.  The treated water was tested and showed negligible (ppm) remaining oil.  They still would not permit the water to be discharged.  However, they did help by linking me to an area POTW so that the company could haul the water over to their location (in 55-gal drums) so the generating facility could eliminate paying a waste disposal company to pick the water up.

In terms of the cooling waters it may contain have bacteriacides and/or fungicides added particularly if it is recirculated. 

I hope this helps!

Deb Jacobson

At 12:05 PM 11/1/2005, you wrote:
Hi all:
I have been trying to help a facility address an issue related to discharge of cooling tower blowdown, where their water source is softened groundwater, and have been informed that the regulators do not look kindly to discharge to septic. Has anybody had any experience with discharge of cooling tower blowdown to septic, and if so, what were the chemicals used in the cooling tower, and were there any concerns about impact on conditions in the septic tank and leaching fields?
Thanks for any help!
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