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LAST CALL FOR PAPERS! "Innovative Use of Information Technologies in Delivering Technical Assistance" -- National Environmental Partnership Summit, May 8-11, 2006 (Atlanta, GA)

P2TECH-ies and others: 

Last month, I sent out an invitation to all of you to propose papers as
a part of a technical session I am developing for the National
Environmental Partnership Summit, which will be held in Atlanta, GA on
May 8-11, 2006.  

As you may have guessed, because you are all bright people, the title of
this session is "Innovative Use of Information Technologies in
Delivering Technical Assistance."  A session description is included
further down this e-mail. 

As a result of that call for papers, I've received several nice paper
proposals which I plan to include in the submission to the Summit
organizers this weekend.  However, we still have room for 2-3 papers
dealing with effective use of information technology -- or dealing with
POTENTIAL uses of IT, for those of you who are operating (will operate?)
in the future tense.

Alas, if you hope to be included, I really need to hear from you in what
little remains of this week.  However, since all I really need is a lead
author's name, a brief biosketch, and a paper title, that may not be an
insurmountable obstacle.

You want to talk insurmountable obstacles, let me tell you about trying
to come up with a Thanksgiving menu that will satisfy my vegetarian son
and his vegetarian girlfriend, whilst pleasing the traditionalists in
the family!   Now, THAT's insurmountable!   

Anywhooo, as promised, here's the session description:

"Innovative Use of Information Technologies  in  Delivering Technical
Proposed Panel Presentation for National Environmental Partnership

Marshall McLuhan once famously exclaimed that "the medium is the
message," meaning that the way in which we convey information has
important, sometimes profound implications for how that message is
received. Yet, all too often, we tend to approach electronic means of
communications as merely a more flexible form of paper, ignoring the
interactivity and interconnectedness that make these tools unique. 

This session will showcase innovative uses of information technology
tools to help promote regulatory compliance and pollution prevention. We
will look at creative uses of software and online content which adds
value to the information, rather than merely serving as a form of
"electronic printing."  We are particularly interested in web tools
which promote online collaboration, or draw upon the power of online
communities to add value to information. Weblogs ("blogs"), online
journals, "wikis," and similar tools are being used to bring together
people with similar interests and goals and facilitate the online
collaboration on projects.

If you'd like to be a presenter in this panel session, you still have a
chance.  So drop me a line between now and Friday afternoon. Yes, it's
true that I'll be standing out in the middle of the desert, harassing
the trout that live in my favorite spring creek, when the sun rises on
Friday morning, but I will check my mail when I return to my office on
Friday afternoon.  

OH!!!! And speaking of innovative use of Information Technology, check
out the Frappr map of the P2TECH community!  


It's up to 21 people now -- if you haven't yet put yourself on the map,
please do -- it just takes a moment of your time, is minimally invasive,
and will help your fellow P2TECHies get to know you. 

Scott Butner
Senior Research Scientist, Knowledge Transformation & Integration Group 
Pacific NW National Laboratory 
PO Box 999 
Richland, WA  99352
Voice: (509)-372-4946/Fax: (509) 375-2443
E-mail: scott.butner@pnl.gov

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