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Re: P2 and BACT

With respect to lithography, it's all P2 for sheet-fed and non-heatset
web litho printers.

For heatset-web litho printers, I don't think there is a P2 approach
that is still heatset-web litho that gets close to having good controls
on the dryer.  [Using uv cured litho inks and litho coatings may
sometimes be a substitute for heatset-web litho, but it's not
heatset-web litho.]  In addition to having controls on the dryer,
heatset-web litho printers also use P2 such as
alcohol substitutes in the fountain solution and low vapor pressure
blanket wash materials.  The controls on the dryer are principally for
the ink oils.  The controls have some effect on emissions from fountain
solution and blanket wash materials, but the P2 techniques achieve the
bulk of the emission reduction for these materials.

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Does anyone have examples of cases where your state has selected a P2
technology as BACT over a control technology?  Or more specifically, has
anyone seen where a state recognizes the other impacts of control (NOx
emissions, etc) and adjusts BACT accordingly?

I’m specifically interested in BACT for the following sectors:
Foundry Core Operations
Lithographic Printers
Soybean Oil Extraction
Ethanol Production

Or, interested in any P2 BACT that addresses reductions in criteria
pollutants and was accepted over control.

Karen Teliha
Pollution Prevention Branch
Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management
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