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Reminder: Need your participation in building the P2TECH community!

P2TECH-ies -- 

Yes, I know that I am a nag sometimes.....

As one of the original founders of P2TECH (along with David Liebl of
University of Wisconsin-Madison, who deserves most of the credit) , I
hope that I may be excused in taking some personal satisfaction from how
effective the P2TECH community has been over the years.  It is one of
the oldest "virtual communities" that I know of, and it has helped many,
many of us to do our job better.  

Or at least, it has helped us to have more fun doing our jobs.  And that
ought to count for something.

One of the things that P2TECH has been good at is facilitating
collaboration and information sharing within the P2 community.
Acquaintances made via this list have often turned into face-to-face
partnerships, not to mention long-lasting friendships.

But as travel budgets and program budgets shrink, the opportunities for
such face-to-face interactions are fewer.  

That's why I decided that it might be useful to start a community map
for the P2TECH community.  Basically, this map simply provides a place
where you can view the location of your P2TECH colleagues, along with an
(optional) snapshot of them, and a few brief words about their
interests.   It is built upon the Google Maps API, courtesy of a service
called frappr.

You can access the map at the following URL:


We are currently up to 23 participants -- far short of the several
hundred people who subscribe to this list.  Still, I think the tool is
already becoming useful for locating people in your region, or who share
common p2 interests. 

If nothing else, it is a pleasant diversion from sending out electronic
holiday cards or planning the office Christmas party.  

Did I mention that it takes about as much time to add yourself to the
map as it has taken to read this far into this e-mail?  

Whether you're  a newcomer to P2TECH (a 'n00b' in lete speak) or a
grizzled, curmudgeonly old timer like me, we all have a vested interest
in seeing P2TECH remain a vital, energetic place for exchanging ideas
and tapping into one another's expertise.   Helping to put a human face
to the list will help in this regard.  Trust me on this.

And by the way -- those of you who are camera shy:  if I can post MY
picture on the web, no one has any excuse for not following suit!

Anyway, once again, I strongly encourage those of you who participate in
P2TECH to "put yourself on the map."


P.s. -- Since I believe in positive incentives, I'll make this pledge:
if we can get 100 people signed up by December 20, I promise to spare
P2TECH the agony of being subjected to "A P2 Night Before Christmas" yet
again!  <grin>
Scott Butner 
Director, ChemAlliance
c/o Pacific NW National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA  99352
Voice: (509)-372-4946/Fax: (509) 375-2443
Website: http://www.chemalliance.org/
E-mail: scott.butner@pnl.gov 

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