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Medical Equipment Manufacturing: Degreasers

Holiday Greetings All,

Can anyone suggest alternate/cleaner degreasing technology?

	TCE degreasers are the method of choice for use in manufacturing medical devices.  A representative from ********** explained that TCE leaves no residue and is approved by the FDA for this use.  He also stated that to get an alternative approved by the FDA is expensive ($40,000) and time-consuming (two years).  ********* has two TCE degreasers.  ******* located in York City also has a large TCE degreaser for medical staples.

In the archives, there was a related suggestion for hot de-ionized water and air-drying of equipment cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.  Other suggestions or information would be appreciated.

Richard Illig
Program Specialist
PADEP - Office of Energy &
	Technology Deployment
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