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Re: Solvent Stil Sources

That seems high to me. The small batch (5 gal) multi-purpose stills run $3,000 (give or take) and I would think a bigger one would be relatively cheaper.

Try IWRC's vendor database at http://www.iwrc.org/tools/tools.cfm
in the sub category select SMALL BATCH DISTILLATION

the Resolv'r made by PBR Industries is mulit-purpose and reasonably price but I can't get their website to come up today for some reason.

If the capital outlay is too much they could also consider leasing one from a hazarodus waste management company such as Safety Kleen.

or check the local auto parts store too - the paint thinner stills are the most readily available and least expensive on the market.

Merry Christmas,

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Subject: Solvent Stil Sources

P2 Techers-

Happy H-days....working with a sign-making company looking to purchase a
still to reclaim solvent mix of toluene, xylene, hexane, acetone and MEK
They have been quoted:

55-gallon capacity - $36,000
15-gallon                 $14,500

are these typical/reasonable quotes? If high, is that due to the fact that
the the waste is a mix of solvents?

Debby Valin
P2 Coordinator

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