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P2 tech grants for college teams

Hi Techsters.  I just learned about this grant program for P2 technical
innovation by college students.  Thanks Teddy at the P2 Clearinghouse.  It
hit the street last month so you may not have heard about it.

Burt Hamner

Subject: Re: P2 classes in community colleges?

Dear Mr. Hamner,

Not sure if this is exactly the sort of thing you are looking for but
are you aware of:
P3 Award: A Student Design Competition for Sustainability

Thank you,

Teodoro Gelabert
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P2Techies, this is not a tech question, sorry but the other listservs
like P2Trainer seem totally dead  (BTW, what's up with that?)

A foundation here in Seattle area is interested to promote P2 through
community colleges, in dedicated classes, integrated into other classes,
and in short term continuing education.  I would like to know of other
examples that seem relatively successful to you.  I know about the
Florida consortium for P2 in community colleges.  I know Front Range
Community College in Boulder had a good rep for this in mid 90s but
their website now has no mention of it.

Thanks gang, good examples could help this funder actually put the money
in, that would be a nice gift for Christmas!  And Happy New Year to all!

PS   I recently ran a seminar in Seattle on sustainability reporting and
have made the full PPT presentation available for download, you can find
it at the BOTTOM of the page at
http://cleanerproduction.com/Seminars/CSR.htm.  If you are not familiar
with the many new developments in this topic, including the release next
year of the new Sustainability Reporting Guidelines from GRI, this
presentation is a good way to get up to speed and also see some
interesting new thinking.  The GRI is going to be MUCH more important to
P2 than ISO 14000 has been so far - you should find out why!.  Have fun.

Burton Hamner
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