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One more EMS tool...

One more EMS resource for Sherry and the group:






Sorry for the long links; they are in a database.  This is a tool used for poultry farmers to develop an EMS for their farm.  It is a teaching or coaching aid for a service provider to use.  It includes examples, explanations and work sheets to work through developing policy statement, setting priority issues, identifying aspects and impacts, developing plans, communicating and checking and correcting.  I think it is a good model that could be used in other sectors.


Also visit: http://www.uwex.edu/AgEMS/, for more sample tools and information on EMS in the ag sector.


Thomas M. Bass

Ag P2 Program

University of Georgia

Departments of: Animal and Dairy Science

& Biological and Agricultural Engineering






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Just in case I missed anyone, _thank you all_ for the responses to the

EMS information/presentation request I sent out yesterday!

My co-worker Steve Travis or I, may be getting in touch with some of you

after we go through these resources.

What a great bunch of folks!

Sherry Davis




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