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RE: Shotgun shells

What ever happened to the practice of reloading? About 25 years ago when I
was a devoted skeet shooter we reloaded each shell 5 to 10 times. We were
always looking for extra empty shell casings which we picked up from those
who did not reload or from competitions. I think at competitions only new
shells are used, but the rest of the year reloads are the way to go. Unless
reloading is no longer done, you may have a situation where one club does a
lot of competition and ends up with tons of once used shell. Other clubs in
the area would love to have the empties. I seem to recall even purchasing
used shells. Please let me know if things have changed. 

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I've been asked by several gun clubs if used shotgun shells can be recycled
after separating the metal base from the casing that holds the shot.  Bases
are aluminum or brass, and cases are HDPE or paper.  These "empties"
accumulate in huge numbers at skeet ranges after practice and competition.
Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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