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Re: Shotgun shells

MDEQ has a shooting range website.  I didn't see anything on case recycling but there may be info you can use.

>>> Deb Jacobson <djacobso@wmrc.uiuc.edu> 1/18/2006 8:04 AM >>>

Are you referring to shells that have been used for reloading and are no 
longer safe to reload again?  See the attached general information about 
reloading shells and safety guide on shell reloads.  I am no expert, but I 
believe there are companies that take spent shells and reload them.  I'm 
sure a bit of research for sources in your area would be as easy as 
contacting a shooting supply company.  See Gad Custom Reload Services web 
page http://www.gadcustomcartridges.com/ 

Introduction to Reloading

Basic Rules of Reloading Safety

Best of luck,

Deb Jacobson

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At 06:14 AM 1/18/2006, Chuck Boelkins wrote:
>I've been asked by several gun clubs if used shotgun shells can be 
>recycled after separating the metal base from the casing that holds the 
>shot.  Bases are aluminum or brass, and cases are HDPE or paper.  These 
>"empties" accumulate in huge numbers at skeet ranges after practice and 
>competition.  Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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