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Pollution Prevention Internship Position

Our department, in the University of Texas has a position under contract from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to promote pollution prevention.  It is an ideal position for someone wanting to start an enviromental career.  I have known many people who worked this position for a year or two and went on to a very rewarding career.  The position involves finding win-win solutions to various environmental challenges by promoting pollution prevention.  Although there are "routine" data entry and other tasks, there is also a lot of freedom to develop skills in areas the intern chooses.  In the past, interns in this position have written technical manuals, others worked on process engineering, and others worked with databases and web development. 
The official posting is at:
Please DO NOT contact me directly about this position.  If you are interested in this position, please apply through the university system (http://utdirect.utexas.edu/pnjobs/) and search for pollution prevention.  To ensure fair hiring I cannot answer direct inquiries about this job; no materials sent outside the UT system will be considered.

Thomas Vinson-Peng
Southwest Network for Zero Waste
University of Texas

The Southwest Network for Zero Waste  is a proud member of the National Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange http://www.p2rx.org