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RE: "sorry bout the nontechnical nature of this post ...."

At 02:43 PM 1/18/2006, Burton Hamner wrote:
Yes, P2TECH is the only P2 listserv left with any significant traffic at all. I recently checked the NPPR forums and there is basically nada there, and same with some old listservs like ECDM. Maybe I am missing some other lists used more often?

As GLRPPR list manager, I currently administer 15 lists. P2Tech is by far the most active. Several are pretty much dead.

Given this reality, is there any consensus that P2TECH can be used for **qualifying and appropriate** posts on non-tech stuff? For example I occasionally like to share new resources info with y'all.

Maybe the listserv manager can figure out how to set up a little poll webpage where this could be considered outside of the listserv. Meanwhile I would assume the absence of disagreement with above question means it's ok to share non-tech but appropriate P2 info. Feedback?

I think this topic is completely appropriate to discuss on list and I encourage you to do so. I think that will be much more instructive than a yes/no vote.

For those of you who really want to vote, I've created a click poll at https://webtools.uiuc.edu/survey/Secure?id=7844652. The poll will remain active until Jan. 26, so vote early and often. :-) I'll post the results on the 27th.

Laura B.

Laura L. Barnes
List Manager
(217) 333-8957 lbarnes@wmrc.uiuc.edu

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