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Know of any Campus P2 training this year?


I would like to know if anyone has plans or knows of plans to offer training programs for campus pollution prevention, cleaner production and recycling this year.  I mean application to universities, colleges and I suppose large high schools.   I have been talking with the University of Washington facilities folks who have a really great P2 program and they said they would be happy to host such a program on campus this year if I organize it.  If sufficient people register it would be worthwhile for me to do it.


We are thinking of a 4 day event that is designed for campus environmental coordinators and facilities staff responsible for P2 and waste management.  The first day is an overview of the range of P2 solutions and challenges all around campus.  Second day is tours and demos and performance data.  Third day is P2 techniques nuts-and-bolts including cost accounting, metrics, TQEM, green purchasing etc.  The fourth day is organization approaches, intro to EMS concepts and “design your own program”.  The cost would be $500 for early registration and $650 for last minute.


Making it four days makes it worthwhile for international participants to come.  A working title is:


“International Training Program on Recycling and Pollution Prevention for Universities and Colleges”


We of course don’t want to compete if someone else is already planning to offer a training program like this.  Do you know of such offerings?  Any feedback?  Do you perceive a demand or have suggestions for making it a success?   How about donors that might support scholarships for participants from developing countries?  Or co sponsor organizations?  We like co-sponsors and in return for marketing help to get more participants they can have free sponsorship and some free seats.   


It is really rather marvelous that the University is willing to host and teach and share so I want to explore the possibilities and make it a good international event.  Thanks for your input.


Burton Hamner

Director, Cleaner Production International

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