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RE: Water use audits at grocery and drugstores

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My colleagues in water conservation suggest googling "CUWCC" (California Urban Water Conservation Council, something like that).  Also, the Santa Clara Valley Water District sponsored water audits (done by third-party consultants) last year for local businesses, and a Safeway participated.  My colleagues also said the city of Seattle would be a good resource to check.
Hope that helps.  The above is my opinion & not necessarily my employer's opinion.

Pascal Roubineau
City of San Jose    

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From: michelle gaither [mailto:gaithermj@quidnunc.net]
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Subject: Water use audits at grocery and drugstores

Hello.  I am looking for examples/case studies of grocery & drug stores doing water use audits and water use reductions.  Excludes landscaping. 
And even more specifically, is there data/audit protocols for finding water use by departments within stores, such as produce, meat, dairy, coffee, pharmacy, etc.   
Michelle Gaither
Technical Research Lead
Pollution Prevention Resource Center