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Looking for some P2 process change ideas

P2 Tech – 


NH’s looking for a little e-brainstorming help:


We are working with a high-tech electronics parts manufacturer that has a zero-discharge policy.  They have three waste steams that ought to be recycled/reused that they’re presently drumming up and shipping as a hazardous waste.  We’ve looked through our “P2 for metal finishing guides” and Googled filtration and distillation unit vendors, but we were hoping someone might have run into any of these situations, before:


1.  The company uses a water/isopropyl alcohol solution to clean an “emulsitone” paste coating (alpha terpineol, ethyl cellulose, and other low vapor organics) from ceramic chips, along with some ceramic powder from laser-cutting the chips.  Can the alcohol easily be distilled and reused?

  • 50-75 gallons used per month.
  • Alcohol also contains metals (silver, platinum, gold, and palladium metal and aluminum nitride particles in the solution).
  • The alcohol needs to end up “industrial grade.”



2. The company fires ceramic-based chips at high temperature (850 degrees) on a continuous-feed nickel/chrome mesh belt that develops a black, Ni/Cr oxide coating.  The belts run through a tank of DI water that washes off the black oxide.  They want to filter and reuse this water.

  • Waste water contains Nickel/Chrome Oxides (very fine particles suspension)
  • Water needs to be cleaned of particles
  • Water needs to end up (preferably) 12 megohm DI



3.  The company has small Nickel and Tin plating line.  The contaminated rinse from the first rinse tanks runs through an ion exchange unit that pulls out the Nickel and Tin and returns the water to the primary rinse tanks.  The secondary rinse tanks have a lower metals concentration and are not worth running though the exchanger.  We suggested using this water as make-up water in the primary rinse tank but they generate more than they need.  They are considering evaporation or membrane filtration and want to know what equipment would work best or if there are any other options.


P2 Tech has always come up with some good, creative suggestions to our postings and we’re open to any suggestion.


Paul L. Lockwood

NH Dept. of Environmental Services

29 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03301

(603) 271-2956