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Seeking partners in Painting & Coating

The IWRC is seeking partners for a pilot project. Inquiries can respond directly to John Konefes, IWRC Director, or contact him my telephone at 1-800-422-3109.

Apologies for cross posting; feel free to forward to local/region list serves. See below.

Sue Schauls
IWRC Program Manager

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center has been a leader in pollution prevention for small businesses. Over the past several years, we have developed a special expertise in painting and coating. One of our accomplishments has been to develop and patent a laser assisted manual spray painting device.

The LaserPaint is an attachment for any spray gun, that uses two laser beams that come together when the spray gun is at the correct gun to part distance. The single dot is also used for targeting, and ensuring 50% overlap when painting.

Efficiency can be improved by up to 25%, with a corresponding reduction in emissions, paint usage, and hazardous waste.

We recently were granted a license to market the LaserPaint to automotive, industrial and military customers. If you are interested in LaserPaint as a proven pollution prevention tool, please take a look at www.laserpaint.us for information and on-line ordering.

We are also seeking partners to develop pilot projects in outfitting existing operations with the LaserPaint, providing training in its use, and documenting the business and environmental benefits. This may be of particular interest in areas with ozone air quality problems.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact me at any time. If you know of others who may interested, please pass this on to them.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you.

John Konefes
Director, IWRC

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Sue, could you please post this on p2 tech? thanks.


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