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Re: a question about P2 intern programs in the Southwest

Fri Mar 3, 2006
Hello Jean.. Hello Stacey
We at University of New Hampshire (UNH) have a very active P2 Internship
program. Our program has been active since 1993, and started
as a Partnership of UNH, US EPA, and the NH Dept of Environmental
Services (NH DES). Our NH Pollution Prevention Internship program
received the US EPA Environmental Merit Award, and the MVP2 award
from NPPR.
While many of our P2 summer interns prefer to stay in New England
we have had interns who were willing to go outside the local
area. If you have specific companies and locations I can check
with our P2 Interns applicants for this year. They are all
attending a semester long P2 training to be productive during
the 10 week summer internship period (sometime between
Memorial Day and the third week of August).

I have not updated our P2I web page for a while, but if you go
there you will see the type of projects our interns worked on.

Hope this helps.
Have a nice day.
Ihab Farag +1-603-862-2313
On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Jean S Waters wrote:

I've had a request from the P2 Intern coordinator in Nebraska, Stacey
Hawkey.  (they have a very nice program here in Nebraska, and there's a
good one in Iowa, also.  Kansas is starting one this year, how about the
rest of you?  Advertisement:  there will be a session at the Environmental
Summit on Iowa's program)

Here's the question:  There are some companies in Nebraska that have
branches in the Southwest US; El Paso, New Mexico, and Arizona.  They are
looking for a P2 Intern for the summer.  Do you know if anyone has a P2
intern program in those areas?

You may reply to me, Stacey, or the list.

(Please don't say anything about Phly Phishing, though... *wink - Scott*)


Jean S. Waters
Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange
Nebraska Business Development Center
6001 Dodge St. RH 308
Omaha, NE  68182
402-554-6259 (voice)
402-554-6260 (FAX)


Ihab H. Farag, Sc.D., P.E.                  + ihab.farag@unh.edu  or
Hamel Professor of Innovation & Technology  + ihf@hypatia.unh.edu
Chemical Engineering Department             + Off: +1-603-862-2313
University of New Hampshire                 + home:+1-603-868-5603
33 College Rd (W315 Kingsbury Hall)         + Fax: +1-603-862-3747
Durham, NH  03824-3591, USA                 +

N.H. Pollution Prevention Partnership homepage:

UNH Biodiesel Group homepage:

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