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FW: Call for papers --International Symposium in Biologically Inspired Design

I am forwarding this call for papers regarding biologically inspired
design because so much of this work involves or is motivated by a desire
to reduce wastes associated with products.

Those of you who listened to Janine Benyus at the NPPR meeting in
Portland OR a couple of years back may find this interesting -- sort of
the research end of P2 technology.


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From: Marc Weissburg [mailto:marc.weissburg@biology.gatech.edu] 
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 9:26 AM
Subject: Call for papers

Dear Colleagues,

The Center for Biologically Inspired Design announces a CALL for PAPERS
for  our International Symposium in Biologically Inspired Design.  We
have a web presence for abstract submittal, with a registration page to
follow within the day, and a schedule within the next several days. More
details on the logistics and schedule will be announced shortly, but
confirmed keynote speakers include Bob Full, George Lauder, Mitra
Hartman, Stas Gorb, Rob Clark and others. Thus, please go here:
http://www.cbid.gatech.edu/ and follow the "current events" link to our
symposium site to submit your abstract. Feel free to forward this
information to potential participants-you are the best source for
identifying colleagues that are interesting, and have an interest in our
activities. We are anticipating a great conference, and look forward to
seeing you all soon.


Marc Weissburg
Associate Professor of Biology
Co-Director, Center for Biologically-Inspired Design School of Biology
Georgia Institute of Technology 310 Ferst Dr.
Atlanta, GA, 30332-0230
404-385-4440 (fax)

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