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Re: great new env mgmt software

Thanks Burton, for letting folks know about this tool!  And fyi, here in
California we are involved in a multi-agency effort to customize the
software for California. We are adding information about
California-specific regulations, as well as adding links to California
information, including funding sources. We believe that California
districts will find the tool more valuable if this information is

It's not done yet but when it is, U.S.EPA will maintain the California
Healthy SEAT software and the plan is for California agencies with
school programs to link to it from their websites.

Kathy Barwick
Sacramento Region Pollution 
    Prevention Liaison
Dept. of Toxic Substances Control
(916) 255-6421
fax (916) 255-3595

>>> "Burton Hamner" <wbhamner@cleanerproduction.com> 3/9/2006 10:58 AM
The US EPA Healthy Schools project has released a free software program
school district assessment and management of facility-level toxics and
pollution issues.  I have been testing it and it actually works just
for **any organization** to do facility environmental assessments, and
organize action plans.  Instead of "district", think "multi-location
corporation".  It has a unique and very cool report/checklist generator
going the extra step to a functioning manual and system.  The
categories and
subcategories can be added to and edited, and come pre-loaded with
information and resources on 200+ topics.  So you can expand it to
multi media environmental / sustainability management.  And it's free -
makes it the best value facility environmental management software I
ever seen.  Despite being free it is really very good software.




Please pass this on to interested parties and networks.


Burton Hamner



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