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RE: Caloric value of waste stream

Although incineration of the waste for disposal is not recommended and the caloric value is low, calcium (calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate) can be used to reduce air emissions by capturing sulfur.  This method is used in the combustion of culm and low-grade/high sulfur coals.  Newer clean coal combustion technologies also makes better use of low-Btu fuels.
Pending an analysis, the material may also have application as a soil amendment, for coal ash stabilization, or as a clean-fill material.  The polyester resin component may be problematic relative to beneficial use of the waste but if you don't take a good look you may never know.
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I did some research into fiber reinforced plastics recycling in 2004.  I looked back through some of the journal articles I reviewed and I think I found some useful information.

The article states that SMC contains large amounts of inorganic material (fiberglass and CaCO3).  It lists SMC's caloric value at: 6.7 MJ/kg or 2881 BTU/lb.  This particular article also states that this value is low and that incineration is not an appropriate method for disposal.  Of course, your client's SMC may have a different ratio of resin to reinforcement and filler.

The journal is called "Fuel" and the article is titled, "Recycling by pyrolysis of thermoset composites: characteristics of the liquid and gaseous fuels obtained."  It was published in 2000, vol. 79, pages 897-902 in the journal "Fuel."  The authors were A. Torres, I de Marco, B.M. Caballero, M.F. Laresgoiti, et. al.

I hope that helps.

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Would greatly appreciate any information about the caloric value (BTUs/lb) of sheet molding compound (SMC). This is a fiberglass reinforced, thermosetting polyester resin. It's used in the manufacture of auto parts, small off-road vehicles, and personal watercraft. My client wants to avoid landfilling and I thought a WtE facility might be able to use it. Thanks very much.

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