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Re: Carpet Recycling

Jeff -
So sorry to hear about your basement.  I'm sure if you contacted a local carpet installer they could tell you who they use.

I am aware of a carpet recycling company that has a plant in Waukegan, IL (not too far from you) called Polyfoam Packers Corporation.  Their telephone number is 847/398-0110 .  There is also a company in McHenry, IL that may take it called Cornerstone Material Recovery.  Their telephone number is 815/653-1972 http://www.explorecornerstone.com/home.html.

Best of luck!

Deb Jacobson
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At 08:58 PM 3/14/2006, Jeff Senn wrote:
Anyone in the Milwaukee area know of a place that recycles carpet and padding? My basement took in some water and while I am sick to my stomach knowing that the carpet is, oh, less than 2 yrs old, I would like to think that I could take it somewhere to be recycled rather than end up as bug food.

Any other web links regarding carpet recycling would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Senn, CHMM
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