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Gasket Manufacturer Waste

Hi, all (Gary and John, please clarify here as necessary)-
we have an automotive gasket manufacturer that coats metal coils with rubber.
The rubber is ground and mixed with toluene, MEK, MIBK and isobutanol.  The
mixture is accelerated with another additive and must be applied within a
short time frame.  The mixture starts to harden and becomes part soild and
part liquid once it passes a certain amount of time.  The solids content is
The facility sends the waste off site as characterisitic hazardous waste,
probably to be blended for it's BTU value.  Any ideas for re-using this
molten rubber waste?  The facility seems to think it would be difficult to
pump out of the drums.  Prior efforts at solvent recovery via distillation
were dismal - more rubber solids than solvent liquids.
Debby Valin
P2 Program
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