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Need Information

The following is a question that came to my desk: Any suggestions out there?

I am a partime grad student at Villanova University and we are doing a
project to help a local facility.  Part of our project is look at a way to
dispose of used sanding belts that contain brass sandings embedded.  Test on
the belts show that they will be above a TCLP of 5 mg/l.   Up until recently
they would send the belt to a smelter, but they needed to grind the belts.
This process caused excessive wear on their grinder, so they will no longer
take the belts.  They do not want to have to dispose them has a hazardous

Rudy Moehrbach
Staff Engineer
Waste Reduction Resource Center
Phone 800-476-8686
Web http://wrrc.p2pays.org
Check out DPPEA marketplace for waste material: www.ncwastetrader.org 

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