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EMS resources

Hi P2tech,

This is a late posting to this topic thread which I hope will be nontheless welcome!

There is a new case study at TURI.org about improvement of an existing EMS to conform to the ISO 14001 standard at the SOLUTIA Indian Orchard facility. They used to be MONSANTO, and make the safety glass in your windshields at this 100 year old campus.  Their policy statement is very bold, and is signed by the CEO and two union leaders.

This initiative was part of the TURI EMS Workgroup program, with 5 facilities around the table once a month for seven months.  The questions and comments from peers are really interesting and down to earth.  (see the table in the appendix)

Janet Clark
Toxics Use Reduction Institute

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Just in case I missed anyone, _thank you all_ for the responses to the

information/presentation request I sent out yesterday!

My co-worker Steve Travis or I, may be getting in touch with some of you

after we go through these resources.

What a great bunch of folks!

Sherry J. Davis

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