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Zero Waste Conference, 6/8/06, Orange County, CA - Don't Let Your Bottom Line Go to Waste

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Earth Resource Foundation is hosting the 1st annual Orange County
 "Zero in On Zero Waste - Don't Let Your Bottom line go to Waste"
Business Conference on Thursday, June 8th, at the Disneyland Hotel in
Anaheim, CA.

This first of its kind conference in Orange County, will focus on giving local businesses the tools needed to implement elements of Zero Waste into their operating strategies. Join 200 top business managers and professionals and governmental officials for lively and informative discussions to work out solutions to stop wasting resources while improving their bottom lines.

If you would like to be a part of the most important business environmental conference this year, please contact Lindsey Payne, lindsey.payne@earthresource.org, (949) 645-5163. or visit www.earthresource.org.
Stephanie Barger, Executive Director
Earth Resource Foundation
230 E. 17th St #208
Costa Mesa, CA  92627
Help support Earth Resource Foundation's youth programs and campaigns for: smoke free beaches, plastic reduction and promotion of electric cars and renewable energies

Gary Liss       
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