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FW: Alcohol & Water

Any help with Norman Buckley's  (Sea World) situation, described below -

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	From: Buckley, Norman [mailto:Norman.Buckley@SeaWorld.com] 
	Sent: Thu 3/30/2006 9:14 AM 
	To: Valin, Debby 
	Subject: Alcohol & Water

	We generate 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and 30% water waste from preserving
oysters. The original waste is pretty smelly as you might imagine. We are in
the process of trying to distill out 5 gallons of alcohol to see what kind of
quality we get. 

	I checked into burning it as fuel, but what I found out is that RCRA
will allow it if it was originally fuel or a additive of fuel like ethanol or
methanol, not Isopropyl Alcohol. I might be wrong, but that option doesn't
sound appropriate.

	What do you think? I have 3 drums right now. I will probably have 3-4
drums every quarter. 

	Any help would be appreciated. 

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