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Re: Hands-On P2 Simulations

The KPPC write-up for the Fun Factory that David Herb passed on is excellent.  Very nice to see it still has some currency.
Back in our nonprofit days we invested in an intern to write up all of the hands-on exercises we developed.  I'll pass them on (to you Judy) when I get back to the office.  If anyone else would like them, just e-mail. 
Terry Foecke
Materials Productivity LLC
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Subject: Hands-On P2 Simulations

I am trying to remember the details of two hands-on P2 simulations popular in the early 1990's.  I am looking for those who might remember the simulations involving PlayDough Fun Factories or painting purple squares.  If you can help me remember details of these simulations, or have seen other good ones like these, please contact me. 

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