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Survey of Assistance Providers: Energy and Materials Flow and Cost Tracking

Survey of Assistance Providers: Energy and Materials Flow and Cost Tracking  


We are interested in hearing from you and the staff in your program about your experience with manufacturing companies regarding tools for energy, water, and materials tracking.  We've created a short survey that can be found at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=297082059417   Please go to this link and take the survey before June 15th.  


The Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA) and the Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance (MA OTA) are collaborating to develop a software tool to help smaller and medium-sized manufacturers to track their materials, energy, and water use and evaluate P2 opportunities.  We are calling this tool EMFACT – Energy and Materials Flow and Cost Tracker.  This project is funded by the US EPA.  For more information on this project, go to www.newmoa.org/prevention/emfact. 


This survey has eight questions, and we hope they will be easy and quick to complete.  We will send out a notice to this listserv when the tool is available for use.  We also plan to offer training for assistance providers like you and your staff on the tool once it becomes available. 


We greatly appreciate your ideas and suggestions.  Your input will help shape and improve this tool.  If you have questions about how to answer the survey questions, please contact Terri Goldberg, NEWMOA (617) 367 8558 x302, tgoldberg@newmoa.org or Rick Reibstein, MA OTA (617) 626-1062, rick.reibstein@state.ma.us 





Andy Bray

P2Rx National Program Manager

Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA)

129 Portland Street, Sixth Floor

Boston, MA 02114

617-367-8558 ext. 306



NEWMOA is a proud member of P2Rx- a national network of regional P2 information centers.  http://www.p2rx.org