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Free Zero Waste teacher training in LA and San Diego, 7/25-8/3, 2006

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Gunter Pauli will be in San Diego and Los Angeles from July 25th to Aug 3rd before coming to address the CRRA Conference on Aug 8, 2006.  He is conducting workshops on the ZERI Educational Initiative highlighting over 1000 scientific and natural systems design principles to help achieve zero air, water and land emissions (see
http://www.zeri.org/initiative/). The workshops are fully funded, so there is no cost for attendance or meals provided while at the workshop.

The training will be held at the following four schools: The workshops are being offered on a first come, first served basis, and open primarily to teachers, but anyone working at any level in education is welcome, including school administrators.  At each of the four school workshops, there will be
an evening lecture open to the larger community as well.  Although the four school locations are private schools, that does not preclude public school teachers from attending.

There are 140 spaces available for teachers to get a good overview of ZERI principles, with 35 spaces available at each venue. 

Please help get the word out to educators in your area about this valuable training that can help them teach their students how to work towards Zero Waste!

Led by Gunter Pauli
Gunter Pauli, who will share the ZERI principles in this workshop, was one of the keynote speakers in March 2005 at the launch of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. He is the originator of ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) and of the ZERI Educational Initiative, which has been used in schools in Japan, Sweden, Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, United Kingdom, Colorado, New Mexico and New York.
ZERI (www.zeri.org) is a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to world challenges.  The common vision shared by the members of ZERI is to view waste as a resource and seek solutions using nature?s design principles as inspiration.  ZERI projects and educational concepts arise from new integrations of science, technology, enterprise and education.  ZERI works with individuals, institutions, corporations and governments, and there are over 50 major ZERI projects throughout the world.  ZERI education concepts complement; they do not replace the principles of established programs and can be integrated into K-12 classes. Sustainability cuts across many disciplines, so all interested educators are welcome to come.
Locations Dates & Times:
COST: FREE (The Sustainability Workshop is being funded by the Willis and Jane Fletcher Fund III, managed by the San Diego Foundation, with additional support from each school). Morning coffee and rolls, lunch and dinner included.

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