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New GreenHouse Gas Reporting Guidelines

New as of March 06


On April 17, 2006, DOE released the final revised guidelines for the Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases (1605b) Program.




It includes a BIG technical manual on measuring many aspects of GHG emissions


This topic is becoming really relevant as organizations try to figure out their carbon footprint, metrics are the basis for any carbon markets


Is anyone doing workshops or training on this around the USA?  Seems like a hot topic. 


Speaking of hot items, Joel Makower just reviewed the Sustainable Business CD Library and said,


"This is a first-rate collection that can help both leadership and learning companies understand and embrace the many opportunities to turn environmental responsibility and cleaner production into bottom-line success. The best shortcut to sustainable business knowledge I've seen."


Thanks, Joel!


The Library now includes the GHG manual and other new references (all from public-domain sources of course).  You can peruse the annotated bibliography of the CD library online at




There’s more cool stuff on this CD than can be digested in a lifetime – so happy snacking!  And the price is less than dinner for two at an average restaurant.


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