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Printer's National Environmental Assistance Center (PNEAC)

This is a straight up plea for you to take the PNEAC annual user survey now.  It is posted at http://www.pneac.org/
Look for the link bar at the top of the page.

It takes all of 4 minutes to complete.  Plus you can sign up and win a $100 gift certificate from Amazon.com

I won't take up any more of your time except to say we use your feedback to make improvements.  And we really need a good number of survey responses.  Your participation helps ensure continued funding for PNEAC. You all have been great in past years.  Please fill it out this year even if you've done it in the past.  You can also complete surveys of the other compliance assistance centers at this time http://www.assistancecenters.net/news/release.cfm?ID=1493.

I genuinely appreciate it,

Deb Jacobson

Debra Jacobson           
E-mail Address
IL Waste Management & Research Center / IL Dept of Natural Resources
WMRC http://www.wmrc.uiuc.edu
PNEAC/GPP http://www.pneac.org
GLRPPR http://www.glrppr.org
P2Rx http://www.p2rx.org
1010 Jorie Boulevard, Suite 12
Oakbrook, IL  60523
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