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RE: Looking for "bullet list" history of environmental regulations, pollution prevention "movement" in the US

Title: Looking for "bullet list" history of environmental regulations, pollution prevention "movement" in the US

I found a great way to get summary bullet points about practically anything is to do an Advanced search on Google for your topic and set the File Format field for Powerpoint.  Then you get slide shows about your topic – and thus bullets.


It works really well and also is great for finding cool graphics.


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Subject: Looking for "bullet list" history of environmental regulations, pollution prevention "movement" in the US


Folks --

I'm interested in finding a concise, preferably "bulletized" history of environmental management (including both regulations and voluntary trends, like EMS standards adoptions, etc).  This will be used for a little "personal" project -- creating a visual timeline of environmental management practices, with a particular focus on their application to the Chemical Industry. 

I suppose you can imagine why I'm interested in doing that.

I am interested primarily in US history/trends, though not exclusively.  For instance, the first "voluntary" P2 program I am aware of was in Manchester, UK in 1842, when J.E.N. Molesworth helped establish the Manchester Association for the Prevention of Smoke.    He worked to convince manufacturers to sign a pledge to reduce smoke from their shops and factories.  Unfortunately, of the thirty five signators to the pledge, only three actually made any efforts to live up to the pledge, and two years later Molesworth pushed for a less voluntary approach*.

Carrot and stick, indeed!

Anyway, any pointers you can provide -- to either printed texts or (preferably) web-based resources -- would be very much appreciated. And if I use your data, you will of course get credit in the resulting timeline.


* this example adapted from Flick, Carlos.  "The Movement for Smoke Abatement in 19th-Century Britain," Technology and Culture, vol 21, no. 1 January 1980.

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