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Recycling Small Armor Plate Inserts (SAPI) from bullet proof /protective vests


I received a request for ideas on how the feds can recycle or reuse
Small Armor Plate Inserts ( or SAPIs) from the protective vests. Each
time a vest is hit the vest is burned and the plates are discarded, by
being put in dumpsters and sent to landfills. Each vest contains 5 to
6 plates weighing a total of 70 pounds. The plates are made of Kevlar
or a composite fiber (graphite/fiberglass). This disposal issue also a
problem for police departments which are throwing out thousands of
these plates each year.

Has anyone heard of a reuse/recycling option for these plates?  Or have
an idea for something they could be used for?

Please reply to the list.

Lara Sutherland
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Health Care Without Harm

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