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Re: Recycling Small Armor Plate Inserts (SAPI) from bullet proof /protective vests

Lara - Many of the Police Departments that have the budgets to buy their officers new vests (that have not been hit) donate their old ones to less fortunate, smaller departments. 

Deb Jacobson

At 05:26 PM 8/1/2006, Lara Sutherland wrote:

I received a request for ideas on how the feds can recycle or reuse
Small Armor Plate Inserts ( or SAPIs) from the protective vests. Each
time a vest is hit the vest is burned and the plates are discarded, by
being put in dumpsters and sent to landfills. Each vest contains 5 to
6 plates weighing a total of 70 pounds. The plates are made of Kevlar
or a composite fiber (graphite/fiberglass). This disposal issue also a
problem for police departments which are throwing out thousands of
these plates each year.

Has anyone heard of a reuse/recycling option for these plates?  Or have
an idea for something they could be used for?

Please reply to the list.

Lara Sutherland
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Health Care Without Harm

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