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Enviro Weather Report tool for download

It’s just a simple Excel spreadsheet I made up years ago and then forgot I had…


Effective for measuring and communicating enviro and pollution prevention / clean production performance.  The smaller the black cloud, the better off you are!


I got the idea from fellow in Austria running a small biz enviro performance program, in his version, the smaller the black cloud is the more you can see a neat Smiling Sun behind it.  I believe I heard him speak at the European Cleaner Production Roundtable in Copenhagen.


It’s simple, effective and can be customized anyway you want.


Measurement is the beginning of management and this is one simple way to get started.


Download it from www.cleanerproduction.com in the Cool Jewels column.  Improvements are welcome!  As long as I don’t have to become an Excel code geek…


Have fun!


Burt Hamner