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New Tool Announcement: ChemAlliance Environmental Acronym Glossary for Google Homepage

Title: New Tool Announcement: ChemAlliance Environmental Acronym Glossary for Google Homepage

(Sorry for any cross-postings)

Those of you who use Google on a regular basis may have heard about "Google Homepage Modules" -- nifty little desktop modules that can be added to your personalized Google page to aid in searching, keep track of things, or simply to entertain yourself while doing searches.

ChemAlliance is pleased to announce the release of its very own Google home page module, the ChemAlliance Environmental Glossary.  Developed with the help of Nick Meyers, Adam Christian, and Estalla Look (who until recently were students in the Computer Science 423 course at Washington State University), the module is a simple little device that allows you to quickly look up the meaning of common regulatory acronyms and identify related terms.  It even suggests search terms to use for finding information about that term.

You can download the module for free at:


If you're already signed in to Google (e.g., to use gmail) adding new personalized content is as easy as clicking the "add it now" button next to the screen shot of the module; if you haven't yet signed up for Google's personalized home page, you should be able to find everything you need to know about this feature at:


This is the second in a series of tools (the first was our RSS news feed -- http://www.chemalliance.org/webservices/rss_newsfeed.asp ) which allows you to bring parts of ChemAlliance directly to your Google and/or Yahoo personalized search pages.  More will be forthcoming.

As always, your feedback on these tools is welcomed. 

Remain cool.

Scott Butner
Director, ChemAlliance
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