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Re: The ultimate diagram for how P2 relates to the world

Great question, Cindy.

I'm looking for a triangular diagram I saw recently which related lean manufacturing to P2 to sustainability (and a few other concepts), laid out as a process of ascending the "mountain". If that rings a bell with anyone else, please let us both know the source.

On Tuesday, Aug 15, 2006, at 15:47 US/Pacific, Buxbaum.Diane@epamail.epa.gov wrote:

Hey, please share it with everyone. Sounds like a useful thing to have.

Diane D. Buxbaum,  M.P.H.
Environmental Scientist

Cindy McComas

I'm team teaching a class this Fall and was looking for some sort of
diagram that relates P2 to sustainability, clean production, DfE, and
any other buzz words out there.  If you have one that you have found
useful, please forward it on.  Thanks!

Cindy McComas

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
University of Minnesota
612/624-4678, 800/247-0015

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